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Xiao, mother of Cindy, Lydia Jardon's student since October 2011

Lydia Jardon is a very good piano teacher. My daughter Cindy was 8 this year. She began to study piano with Lydia in October 2011. You might say she has progressed spectacularly and has obtained very honourable results: in 2013, at the Claude Kahn National Piano Competition, she won first prize in the Preparatory II category and played at Salle Gaveau [in Paris]. For a year and a half when I accompanied my daughter to class, I felt profoundly that Lydia was very conscientious, strict and serious in class but she does not lack humour. She is also very friendly. My daughter appreciates her very much.

Hao, mother of Christina, Lydia Jardon's student since October 2012

One day, I came across an ad in a Chinese newspaper saying that, regardless of the child's basic level, after three or four months of teaching, he could attain the same level as those who had learnt piano at the 'national youth palace', and even achieve the level of a person having done ten years of piano.
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