There's been much emotion in this very exceptional year. Several children succeeded at the Claude Kahn National Competition and came first (concert at Salle Gaveau). All demonstrated strong motivation, helped by their parents who involved themselves considerably. They often reveal their children's talent.

My students bring me much happiness. I ask a great deal of them but it is so rewarding when you see their results!

A few examples:

Christina Linh, aged 10, does not like holidays; she likes to learn all the time. She spends 1-3 hours a day at the piano. She resumed piano with me in September, after two years of initiation with another teacher and passed a competition equivalent to 10 years of piano.

Pierre Dunston, 7, began piano with me in September and passed with distinction two levels at the C. Kahn competition corresponding to 5 and 6 years of piano.

Cindy Chen, 9, had done a year of piano before I met her. After a year she passed a competition corresponding to 8 years of piano.