Ecole de Piano Yaya - Yaya 钢琴学校 - Yaya Piano School - エコール・ドゥ・ピアノ・ヤヤ - Школа фортепиано Лидии Жардон
Lydia Jardon

Photo: Lea Crespi

The teachers of Yaya Piano School are Lydia Jardon founder and director, Alexandra Matvievskaya Alexandra Matvievskaya and Symbad De Lassus Saint Genies Symbad De Lassus Saint Genies

Lydia Jardon, pianist and piano teacher

Concerning Lydia Jardon's piano playing, some have spoken of a mysterious alchemy of spirit and distance confronting the text, inextinguishable passion and meticulous control of expression. This paradoxical statement can, in truth, apply to Lydia Jardon's entire personality: fundamentally passionate, fiery and intense, she is also a thoughtful artist who continually commits herself, thinking up the most varied projects.

Of course, nothing prevents us from mentioning Lydia Jardon's prestigious 'service record': a graduate of the Paris Conservatoire and holder of a concert degree awarded unanimously by the École Normale de Musique in Paris, she was also awarded a grant from the Cziffra Foundation and won the Miłosz Magin international Competition. Lydia Jardon has played throughout the world, in recital and in concerto. Yet, this top-notch training and a flawless career do not suffice to sum up the artistic temperament of this singular pianist.

Le Monde
The result is monumental.
And Lydia Jardon fills us with wonder. The sleight-of-hand of her luminous fingers matters less than the enchanting playing...

Pierre Gervasoni
27 November 2012

Unconventional, Lydia Jardon? No doubt, in the different forms her musical action takes, always focussing on the human aspect. She is thus the founder of a chamber music festival on Ouessant that, since 2001, brings together numerous female musicians on this Breton 'island of women' every year. As artistic director, Lydia Jardon puts together original programmes that include forgotten scores by female composers unjustly relegated to oblivion (Marie Jaëll, Louise Farrenc, Clara Schumann, Mel Bonis, Rebecca Clarke…). A festival like that of Ouessant, but with female composers of the Greater Caribbean having place of honour, came into being in May 2012 in Guadeloupe. Lydia Jardon is also the founding director of the Ar Ré-Sé record company, an independent structure with which she exhumes ill-known works by great masters (Koechlin, Medtner, Lekeu, Magnard, Miaskovsky…), making it a point of honour to entrust them to excellent performers often at the beginnings of their career.

'Leader in the ascension of the Himalayas of the piano' (Pierre Gervasoni, Le Monde, 27/11/2012), Lydia Jardon is partial to eruptive scores, those requiring the virtuoso's intrepid fervour as much as attention to detail (the reviews of her whole discography echo this). In 2009, for Ar Ré-Sé, she recorded Miaskovsky's Sonatas Nos. 2-4. Her tenth disc, devoted to transcriptions for solo piano of Stravinsky's Firebird and Song of the Nightingale (world premières) was released in November 2012.


A documentary devoted to 'Female Musicians in Guadeloupe' was released in late 2012: L'île aux Virtuoses (a 52' film produced by BCI; director: Fabienne Chomaud, author: Michel Reinette).

A 52' documentary, broadcast in 2011 on French television, was devoted to ‘Les Musiciennes à Ouessant’ (Production: Idéale Audience, Hélène Le Cœur; director: Dominique Pernoo) .

In November 2010, Lydia Jardon received the insignia of Chevalier in the Ordre National du Mérite for her lifetime achievement.