Ecole de Piano Yaya - Yaya 钢琴学校 - Yaya Piano School - エコール・ドゥ・ピアノ・ヤヤ - Школа фортепиано Лидии Жардон
Alexis PIN

Photo : DR

Alexis PIN,
awarded at the ceremony of the Claude Kahn Competition.

Alexis Pin enrolled at the YAYA Piano School in September 2012, at the age of 11. A resident of Nemours, some hundred kilometres from Paris, he took the train by himself every Saturday for his piano lesson.

After eight months of intensive work with his teacher, he entered, for the first time, in the Claude Kahn Competition, level Middle 2, performing Bach's Prelude in D minor (Book 2) and Mozart's Turkish March, with which he won the 1st Prize medal, earning him the privilege of performing onstage at Salle Gaveau in 2013 (see the video)).

Still receiving tuition from the director of the YAYA School, Alexis continues to participate annually in the Claude Kahn Competition and, in 2018, won the silver medal of the Claude Kahn Grand Prize, ex-aequo with Jiayu Yé, another student of Lydia Jardon's. His winning performances were of Chopin's 5th Polonaise in F sharp minor, Op. 44 and the Etude in B minor Op. 25 no.10 'Octaves', Virtuosity level. Thanks to that, he again performed at Salle Gaveau for the awards ceremony of the Claude Kahn Competition.
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yB5HD6SwFjs

A few weeks later, Alexis earned his Baccalauréat degree with first class honours, having prepared the Music option.

But even though Alexis has chosen to focus on his studies in view of a career in medicine, he has not abandoned the piano, which has become his passion. Indeed, enrolled in first-year medicine, he manages to practice the piano an hour a day, taking a lesson with Lydia Jardon every fortnight, as well as helping his parents at the family restaurant in Nemours every weekend.


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